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May 16, 2012 – The national standards to prevent, detect, and respond to prison rape were signed by the Attorney General on May 16, 2012. Most standards go into effect August 20, 2013. Click here for the full document from the Department of Justice.

Helpful Videos and Publications

PREA Training Video: Addressing Sexual Misconduct in the Juvenile Corrections Environment (Full) (2012) “Full length training video for educating Juvenile Corrections staff on the sensitive time issues of offender sexual misconduct. The video delves into the topics of understanding juvenile offenders, dealing with juvenile sex offenders, handling offender-on-offender sexual misconduct, preventing staff-on-offender sexual misconduct, and managing reactions to offender masterbation.” SOURCE: Calamari Porductions (Indianapolis, IN); Indiana Dept. of Corrections (Indianapolis, IN).

Legal Responses to Sexual Violence in Custody: Using Existing State Mandatory Reporting Statutes to Improve Disclosure of Sexual Violence in Correctional Settings
By: Brenda V. Smith, Loren Ponds, and Melissa Loomis

Cross-gender Searches: A Case Law Survey
By: Brenda V. Smith and Melissa C. Loomis
February 1, 2013

Sexual Abuse in Custody: A Case Law Survey
By: Brenda V. Smith and Melissa C. Loomis
February 1, 2013

Legal Responses to Sexual Violence in Custody: State Criminal Laws Prohibiting the Sexual Abuse of Individuals under Custodial Supervision
By: Brenda V. Smith and Jaime M. Yarussi

Legal Responses to Sexual Violence in Custody: Sex Offender Registration Statutes: Impact on Addressing Sexual Abuse in Custodial Settings
By: Brenda V. Smith and Mary Elizabath Pavlik

Updates on developments relating to PREA will be posted as they occur. Please feel free to contact us at info@ncti.org with any questions.

The following organizations have staff certified to teach NCTI’s Preventing Sexual Misconduct Against Offenders Workshop:

38th Judicial District CSCD, Texas

Ada County Sheriff’s Office, Idaho

Alameda County Probation Department, California

Alternative Risk Services, Kansas

Amador County Sheriff’s Office, California

Auburn City Jail, Washington

Bastrop County, Texas

Berkshire County Sheriff’s Office, Massachusetts

Bexar County Juvenile Probation, Texas

Bristol County Sheriff’s Office, Massachusetts

Bureau of Prisons / FCI Waseca, Minnesota

Butte County Juvenile Hall, California

California Department of Corrections, California

Cameron County Adult Probation, Texas

Carbon County Sheriff’s Office, Utah

Churchill County Juvenile Probation, Nevada

Clark County Juvenile Justice Services, Nevada

Clinton County Jail, Iowa

Columbia County Jail, Oregon

Concho Valley CSCD, Texas

Contra Costa County Probation Department, California

Dubuque County Sheriff’s Office, Iowa

ECSO, Nevada

El Paso County Sheriff’s Department, Texas

Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, Massachusetts

Fresno County Probation Department, California

Gloucester County Sheriff’s Office, Virginia

Gregg County Juvenile Probation, Texas

Guadalupe County Adult Detention Center, Texas

Hampden County Sheriff’s Dept, Massachusetts

Hampshire Co. Jail and House of Corrections, Massachusetts

Hardin County Jail, Iowa

Houston Police Department, Texas

Imperial County Probation Department, California

Jefferson County Juvenile Probation, Texas

Johnson County, Iowa

Johnson County Sheriff’s Office, Kansas

Kaplan Education, Kentucky

Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office, Texas

Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office Jail, Washington

Laramie County Sheriff’s Department, Wyoming

Lewis County Juvenile Court, Washington

Lewis County Sheriff’s Office, Washington

Lubbock County CSCD, Texas

Management and Training Corporation, Texas

Marion County Juvenile Probation, Indiana

Mariposa County Sheriff’s Office, California

Marshall County Jail, Iowa

McHenry County Adult Correctional Facility, Illinois

McHenry County Sheriff’s Office, Illinois

McLennan County CSCD, Texas

Mental Health Systems Inc., California

Merced County Probation Department, California

Middlesex Sheriff?s Office, Massachusetts

Montana Office of Public Instruction, Montana

Napa County Department of Corrections, California

Napa County Probation Department, California

Napa County Sheriff’s Office, California

Nevada Division of Child and Family Services, Nevada

Nueces County Juvenile Justice Center, Texas

Orange County Probation Department, California

Orange County Sheriff’s Office, California

Plymouth County Sheriff’s Department, Massachusetts

Polk County Sheriff’s Office, Iowa

Pomona Police Department, California

Randall County Youth Center, Texas

Roederer Correctional Complex, Kentucky

Saline Sheriff Dept., Kansas

Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office, Utah

San Bernardino County Probation Dept., California

San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office, California

San Diego County Probation Department, California

San Francisco Sheriff’s Department, California

San Joaquin County Probation Department, California

Sanpete County Jail, Utah

Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Dept., California

Scott County Corrections, Iowa

Skagit County Sheriff’s Office, Washington

Skagit County Youth and Family Services, Washington

Smith County Juvenile Services, Texas

Sonoma County Probation Department, California

Stanislaus County Probation Department, California

Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department, California

Story County Jail, Iowa

Suffolk County Jail, Massachusetts

Texas Commission on Jail Standards, Texas

Texas Youth Commission, Texas

Tom Green Co. Juvenile Prob., Texas

Tooele County Sheriff’s Department, Utah

Travis County Sheriff’s Office, Texas

Tulare County Probation, California

Tulsa County Sheriff’s Department, Oklahoma

Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Office, California

University of CA San Diego, California

Utah Courts, Utah

Walla Walla Correctional Facility, Washington

Washington County Sheriff’s Office, Oregon

West Texas CSCD, Texas

Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office, Washington

Williamson County Juvenile Services, Texas

Williamson County Sheriff’s Office, Texas

Woodbury County Sheriff’s Office, Iowa

Worcester County Sheriff’s Office, Massachusetts

Yuma County Sheriff’s Office, Arizona


Additional Research

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